Paul McClintock
Professional Registered Parliamentarian


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Parliamentarian, n., One who is expert in parliamentary procedures, rules, or debate.


On-location services available primarily in the greater Seattle area.
Long-distance services (by e-mail, phone, fax, or mail) available world-wide.

•  Serve as parliamentarian (advisor) for conventions and business meetings.
•  Write convention standing rules and complete meeting scripts.
•  Provide written
Parliamentary Opinions to avoid or resolve procedural problems.
•  Draft or revise bylaws and other governing documents.
•  Serve as an expert witness, when the court is the last resort.
•  Preside over disciplinary hearings and contentious proceedings.
•  Train officers and members / delegates in parliamentary procedure.
•  Write articles on parliamentary procedure.

See the Parliamentarian Code of Ethics applicable to members of NAP and AIP.



Paul E. McClintock, PRP , CP-T
14707 60th Pl W
Edmonds, WA 98026 USA

Call cellular at any time: 206-696-0689


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