Paul McClintock, PRP

Walnut Gavels and Sounding Blocks


The best price I've found for a gavel and sounding block (solid walnut) is from:

C & M Trophy, 23206 57th Ave W, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
425-775-3605, Fax 775-0922,

Standard gavel (10.3" long), $10.50.
Ladies gavel (9" long), $9.00.
Sounding Block, $10.00.
Gold band (metal or plastic) included with gavel price; engraving priced separately.
Engraving is 16 cents / letter.  Gold metal bands can be etch-engraved with gold lettering, gold plastic bands can be laser-engraved with black lettering.
Call for postage, handling and tax charges.  Prices (obtained in May, 2004) are subject to change.

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Last updated 2004-05-04